LinkedIn's Open19 Data Center Hardware Platform

LinkedIn said in September that it has launched the first deployment of its Open19 hardware design in its data centers. Here's what the company has revealed about the design so far.

Data Center Knowledge

September 27, 2018

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LinkedIn: The Open19 standard defines four brick form factors:

  • Brick (½ wide 1RU)

  • Double High Half Width (2RU)

  • Double Wide Brick (1RU)

  • Double High Brick (2RU)

The bricks will all have linear power and data growth, meaning the bigger the data center, the more power and data available to you. The baseline brick starts with 200W in an unmanaged system, limited by a maximum of 400W in a managed system. The brick will also have day-one 50GE network interface with a cable capable of up to 200G.

All of the Open19 servers are self-sustained, from EMI to safety to cooling. This means that even in an environment with no external assistance, the server will operate properly between 10C and 40C completely EMI-contained and safe.

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