Data Center Podcast Extra: What Investors are Curious About

Wells Fargo analysts interview DCK editor-in-chief Yevgeniy Sverdlik about data center market news and trends.

Data Center Knowledge

November 18, 2017

We have something different than usual for you in this extra episode of The Data Center Podcast. DCK’s chief editor Yevgeniy Sverdlik was recently invited to participate as the featured guest speaker on Wells Fargo’s monthly Telecoms Topics conference call with a group of institutional investors. We’re publishing a recording of the call as a podcast extra, where instead of hearing Yevgeniy interview an industry thought leader you can hear Yevgeniy get interviewed about Data Center Knowledge, supply and demand dynamics in key data center markets, some of the big recent M&A deals in the space, hyper-scale data centers, hybrid cloud, and much more.

Listen or download below:

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