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Network cables in a data center

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: November 17, 2018

For your weekend reading, here are some of the most popular stories that appeared on DCK this week.

Cybersecurity Tools for Data Center Networks are Getting Smarter With Machine Learning - New tools put more power in the hands of security professionals, whose responsibilities have grown exponentially.

MuleSoft-Docker Enterprise Integration Afoot, as Salesforce Invests in Docker - Salesforce’s MuleSoft and Docker are working on a tight integration to help enterprise step into the future.

DCK Investor Edge: Why Switch Shares Tanked This Week - The dip appears to have less to do with third-quarter numbers than with future uncertainty.

Five Ways Machine Learning Will Transform Data Center Management - While efficiency and risk analysis are the top use cases today, the data center industry is only scratching the surface of what will be possible in the future.

Enlisting Machine Learning to Fight Data Center Outages - How companies old and new are integrating machine learning in data center management tools to improve data center availability.

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