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Equinix Metal server Equinix
An Equinix Metal as a service x86 server.

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: November 11, 2020

Packet founder explains Equinix's bare-metal play; FedEx offers real estate for edge computing; data center ransomware advice; and more

Why Equinix Doesn't Think Its Bare Metal Service Competes With Its Cloud-Provider Customers - Packet co-founder Zach Smith says the new offering doesn't compete for the "value proposition of a public cloud."

Dell, Switch to Build Edge Computing Infrastructure at FedEx Logistics Sites - FedEx’s many logistics locations to provide real estate for the future edge platform.

How to Avoid Paying Ransomware Ransoms - As private experts and government officials advise against indulging the bad guys, here are some tips for following that advice.

Hivelocity, Vapor IO to Bring Bare Metal for Edge Computing to 36 US Markets - The data center provider signs with Vapor IO to bring its bare-metal infrastructure closer to more users across key US metros.

Switch to Apply the Pandemic’s Lessons in Efficiency Permanently - Management plans to make some of the pandemic-forced changes, which meaningfully increased profit margins, permanent.

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