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Immersion cooling tanks for data centers by Asperitas Asperitas
Immersion cooling tanks for data centers by Asperitas

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: May 29, 2020

Here are the biggest things we wrote about this week.

The Dunk Tank Reconsidered: How OCP May Yet Immerse Your Servers - Rising data center power density and fluid innovation are fueling new momentum for immersion cooling.

How the Data Center Technology Market Is Faring in the Pandemic - As workloads shift to the cloud faster, spending on data center gear shifts too.

Nautilus Nets Funding to Take Its Floating Data Center Over the Finish Line - Private equity firm floats the startup $100 million, enough to complete California computing vessel and more.

Kaiser Permanente Replatforming for Move to the Cloud - With more than 1,500 applications running across its own data centers, Kaiser Permanente has taken a methodical approach to its move to the cloud.

Why a Special Purpose CPU May Be in Your Storage Future - A dedicated, special purpose CPU could create more balance among system resources.

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