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Fremont 2 Colocation Facility, Hurricane Electric Hurricane Electric
Overhead view at Hurricane Electric's Fremont 2 Colocation Facility

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: May 25 2018

For your weekend reading, here are the most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week

How Microsoft Tunes Linux and Windows to Boost Azure Performance, Reliability - New techniques accelerate updates, speed up VM-to-VM networking

7 Things to Consider When Making IoT Infrastructure Decisions - Experts highlight some big questions a company should answer before jumping into an IoT project.

Facebook Open Sources Katran Load Balancer, Details Network Provisioning Tool - The social network today made its load balancing software available under the GPL and explained its vending-machine approach to building networks.

Equinix Shares – a Falling Knife or a Coiled Spring? - The company’s recent M&A binge has made for a rough year for its shareholders, but there’s now a lot of potential for future growth.

Hurricane Electric Shows How Fast and Where Your Data Hops - The data center and network operator has released a tool that shows the route and transit time from any point to any other point in its network.

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