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TSMC wafer STR/AFP via Getty Images
A TSMC silicon wafer on display at the 2020 World Semiconductor Conference in Nanjing.

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: May 21, 2021

We assess the chip shortage's impact on the DC sector, Google drags data centers into the future at Google IO, and more.

'It's Little Things' – How the Chip Shortage Is Affecting the Data Center Industry - Server CPU supply may be fine, but it takes more than a CPU to build a data center.

Google More Than Doubles Its AI Chip Performance with TPU V4 - CEO Sundar Pichai said TPU V4 clusters were a “historic milestone” for the company.

Google Is Applying AI to Crack Next-Gen Geothermal Energy for Data Centers - The company says next-generation geothermal, aided by AI, “shows promise.”

Google to Shift Workloads Between Data Centers to Follow Clean Energy - Its “carbon-intelligent computing platform” will process one-third of Google’s non-production workloads next year.

Dell’s Subscription Apex Storage Comes to Equinix Data Centers - The colocation giant gives Dell’s nascent subscription business a global data center platform.

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