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Ian Buck, VP and GM, Tesla Data Center Business, Nvidia Nvidia
Ian Buck, VP and GM, Tesla Data Center Business, Nvidia

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: May 18 2018

For your weekend reading, here are some of the most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week.

Nvidia Data Center Chief: On-Prem GPU Deployments for AI Rising - Hyperscale cloud platforms are a big GPU market, but big enterprises often have reasons to keep AI infrastructure in-house.

HPE to Acquire Data Center SDN Startup Plexxi - Plans to integrate SDN fabric with hyperconverged and composable infrastructure products

IoT World: The Edge is Getting Smarter, Smaller, and Moving Further Out - ‘Data gravity’ means IoT of the future will be less like a collection of dumb connected devices and more like a distributed compute fabric.

As Workloads Change, ‘Scale Up’ Augments ‘Scale Out’ in Cloud Data Centers - Machine learning and big data analytics are making hyper-scale data centers less and less homogeneous.

AWS Now Verizon's 'Preferred Cloud Provider' - Can you hear me now? Only two weeks after its Oath division adopted Amazon Web Services exclusively, Verizon goes all in with AWS.

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