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OVH SBG2 data center in Strasbourg destroyed by fire on March 10 2021 PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP via Getty Images
OVH SBG2 data center in Strasbourg destroyed by fire on March 10 2021

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: March 26, 2021

A call for more thoughtfulness on OVH, the problem of Flash EOL in the data center, IBM's hybrid cloud play, and more.

OVH Founder Pledges to Build a Lab for Data Center Fire Research - The lab, he says, will look for the best ways to extinguish data center fires and share findings with the industry.

An Adobe Flash Ghost May Be Haunting Your Data Center - Flash may be dead, but it lingers in more enterprise data centers than you may think, creating a massive vulnerability.

IBM Cloud Satellite Makes Your Data Center a Satellite of IBM Cloud - Following in the footsteps of other providers' hybrid solutions, IBM has built a solution for consuming its cloud services in any data center, not just its own.

Give OVH a Break. And Use the Data Center Fire as a Teachable Moment - There’s a lot to be learned from the incident. Here are the first questions that must be answered.

10th IBM Cloud Multi-Zone Region Opens – with More in the Works - IBM continues to add new locations to its cloud as it aims to differentiate against rivals with capabilities including quantum computing.

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