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Inside the Equinix DC12 data center in Ashburn, Virginia Equinix
Inside the Equinix DC12 data center in Ashburn, Virginia

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: Mar. 10, 2018

For your weekend reading, here are some of the most popular articles that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week.

Equinix Power Outage One Reason Behind AWS Cloud Disruption - Facility went down after nor’easter knocked out utility power in the region

Vapor IO and Packet Plan AWS-Style Edge Computing Cloud for 5G - Partners offer to address telcos’ edge data center needs for them

Vapor IO

A Vapor Edge Module at a cell tower (a rendering)

Cryptocurrency Mining Gear Stolen from Iceland Data Center: AP - The gear itself is worth $2M, but thieves could earn much more if they put it to work.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Bitcoin mining hardware on display at a conference in New York in 2014

Mesosphere Extends DC/OS to the Edge, Adds Multi-Cloud, Kubernetes Support - Run cloud native workloads across clouds and all the way to the edge as if running on a single server.

eBay Gets Patent for Data Center Efficiency Metric, Method - Digital Service Efficiency (DSE) method was first described publicly in 2013

eBay dashboard

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