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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: June 4, 2021

Arm comes to the data center, open source projects rush to fill the CentOS void, Cisco doubles down on hybrid cloud, and more.

It's Happening. Arm Server CPUs are Coming to the Data Center - Whatever doubts still linger about Arm's future in the data center, they are quickly dissipating.

Rocky Linux, CentOS Founder’s AWS-Sponsored CentOS Stand-in, Stresses Extensibility - It won't be the first CentOS replacement out the door, but it's being designed to become much more than a RHEL clone.

Oracle Cloud Claims Arm Video Performance Advantage Over x86 Chips - The cloud provider’s benchmark data compares Ampere’s Arm chips with AMD Rome and Milan and Intel Skylake.

Istio v Linkerd: The Former May Be More Service Mesh Than You Need - Linkerd developer points to hidden overhead costs in Istio, suggesting that the most popular service mesh isn't right for everyone.

Cisco Designs UCS X-Series Servers and Intersight for Hybrid Cloud - It’s also laying the groundwork for a disaggregated, composable infrastructure play similar to HPE’s.

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