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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: June 18, 2021

Intel's new vision, migrating with Red Hat, Azure does Phoenix, and more.

Intel Shatters Precedent, Embraces Dedicated FPGA Infrastructure Processors - It may become more than a SmartNIC. Whatever the IPU ends up becoming, it’s a clear step toward disaggregation, and a giant leap for the future formation of a componentized “Xeon Platform.”

Red Hat Tries Harder to Transition Data Centers Towards Containerization - For six years already, most every data center migration to modern digital infrastructure has made it, well, most of the way. Now Red Hat works to move some organizations at least somewhat further.

Azure Launches West US 3 Facility in West Phoenix, After Live-Modeling It in 3D - A handful of forward-thinking initiatives begins paying off for Microsoft, as its entirely air-cooled facility opens up in the middle of a potentially critical drought zone.

Ampere Alters Course, Adding Its Own Cores: Why Now, and For Whom? - The system-on-a-chip maker had been scoring points on scalability and performance, with its Neoverse N1-based Altra series. If Altra truly is a Xeon-slayer, why take it out of the fight?

Is Intel Really Willing to Pay $2B+ for RISC-V Startup SiFive? - We look into why Intel might be offering to pay more than $2 billion to purchase a top RISC-V company, SiFive, and what that might eventually mean.

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