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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: June 16, 2019

For your weekend reading, here are the top articles that appeared on DCK this week.

Need a Bigger and Badder Network? Try Using Microsoft’s - Azure expands the number of ways enterprises can use its global network.

Amazon’s Relentless Growth in Northern Virginia Continues - DCK Investor Edge: Amazon Web Services' shadow development pipeline impacts all companies that require land to develop and operate data centers in Northern Virginia.

Singapore’s Colocation Market to Nearly Double by 2023 - Hyperscalers, online media and other service providers are fueling the growth in Asia-Pacific's second largest data center market.

Effectively Locked Out of Key Data Center Market, Bloom Sues Santa Clara - The city’s new restrictions make Bloom’s prospects in one of the hottest markets uncertain.

Cloud's Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities - As more data center managers move to private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures, new security challenges emerge, but clouds also offer new technologies to help meet security challenges.


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