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Piz Daint – Cray Swiss National Supercomputing Center
Piz Daint, the world's sixth fastest supercomputer (as of June 2018), designed by Cray for the Swiss National Supercomputing Center

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: July 7 2018

For your weekend reading, here are the top stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week

Supercomputers Have Been Slow to Adopt Flash Storage – Cray Wants to Change That - Throughput-based workloads still dominate, but now there’s enough interest that Cray will soon start offering pure flash storage alongside existing HDD and hybrid systems

Digital Realty Is in Talks to Buy Data Center Provider Ascenty - Ascenty has US dollar-denominated contracts with clients including Oracle Corp., Inc. and Facebook Inc.

Equinix Says Its New Wholesale Data Center Business is Much Bigger Than Previously Thought - HIT, which stands for Hyperscale Infrastructure Team, is part of the retail colocation giant’s strategy to reel in the next wave of data center deployments by the largest cloud and SaaS providers, who are expected to attract more enterprise business

Macquarie Close to a Deal for US Data Center Provider T5 - The talks are ongoing and it’s not assured a deal will be reached.

Bitcoin Drove a Surge in Immersion Cooling Sales, But GRC is Eyeing More Stable Markets - Nearing its 10-year anniversary, the company formerly known as Green Revolution Cooling has yet to foment a revolution. A recent name change signals it’s no longer trying to

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