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Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince S3studio/Getty Images
Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: July 31, 2020

Cloudflare goes after AWS's serverless market share, VMware gives up control of a Kubernetes-adjacent open source project, Microsoft makes a hydrogen fuel cell breakthrough, and more.

Cloudflare Wants to Eat AWS’s Serverless Lunch - Its CEO says the new serverless platform is cheaper and faster than Amazon’s, Microsoft’s, and Google’s.

VMware Hands Control of Kubernetes Ingress Project Contour Over to CNCF - Joe Beda, one of its creators, said one reason for the move was reassuring non-VMware developers that Contour's development wouldn't be steered by a single company.

Microsoft Claims a First in Hydrogen-Fueled Data Center Test - The company said it was able to power a row of servers with a 250kW hydrogen fuel cell system for 48 hours.

Confidential Computing, the Next Big Thing Making Cloud Less Scary for Enterprises - Securing data while in use opens doors from the on-prem data center to the cloud for more applications.

Tesla Megapacks to Store Solar Energy for Switch Data Centers in Nevada - The Megapack utility-scale energy storage system will help customers of three solar farms ride through when there isn't enough sunshine.

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