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Solar array in Las Vegas, 2016 Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: January 18, 2019

For your weekend reading, here are this week's five most read articles on DCK

Largest Solar Farms Ever Built for Google to Power Its Southeast Data Centers - The two solar projects in Alabama and Tennessee will help supply two data centers under construction with renewable energy most hours of the day.

Toshiba Forgoes Next-Gen Recording Tech in Designing Its First 16TB Drive - Microwave and laser-heated hard drives may be the future for higher capacity, but Toshiba promises denser scale-out and cloud storage achieved with incremental technology tweaks.

IPI Combines Infomart, Some T5 Assets to Form New Data Center Provider - Stack Infrastructure forms with 100MW of existing wholesale data center capacity and development sites in top US markets.

In the Shutdown, the US Government Is Flirting with Cybersecurity Disaster - Network security is an around-the-clock battle. Agency cybersecurity teams are left with skeleton staff, and many furloughed security experts may not come back.

CoolIT Raises Funds to Boost Data Center Liquid Cooling Gear Output -Vistara partners provides growth funding for one of the early success stories in the emerging niche market.

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