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Optical cables connected to a switch in a data center

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: February 8, 2019

For your weekend reading, here are some of the most read stories that ran on DCK this week.

World's Two Biggest Data Center Providers Take Different Paths for Software-Defined Connectivity - DCK Investor Edge: Can a garden be so beautiful, you don’t care that it’s walled?

Equinix, Digital Realty Expanding in Busy Singapore Data Center Market - The market on the island may be saturated, but the two firms have an advantage in their global scale.

The High Cost of Data Center Clutter - A survey suggests that too many data center operators waste money and risk data breaches by failing to properly dispose of storage hardware.

Data Center Outage Disrupts Wells Fargo ATMs, Mobile App, Website - Local fire chief says the facility’s fire suppression system went off accidentally.

Mesosphere's New CEO Fey Takes the Reins - With C-level roles at Symantec and McAfee on his resume, the new chief exec steps in to extend the open source startup's reach.

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