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The VMware area on the expo floor at VMworld 2019 Yevgeniy Sverdlik
The VMware area on the expo floor at VMworld 2019

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: February 5, 2021

Nutanix and VMware's relationship disintegrates, Juniper CTO explains his vision for the company, Uptime offers ways to mitigate the staffing crisis, and more.

Nutanix and VMware Started as Partners. They’re Now Bitter Rivals - VMware’s lawsuit against its former executive shows how much of a ‘perceived threat’ Nutanix is.

What Data Center-as-a-Service Means for Juniper Networks - The networking giant’s CTO explains its opportunity for a SaaS play and his vision of data center automation.

Uptime Says the Data Center Staffing ‘Crisis’ Doesn’t Have to Be a Crisis - Adjusting qualifications in their job listings could be the ticket to a more abundant talent pool for data center operators.

Twitter Gets Deeper into Google Cloud - The social network is moving more of its Hadoop clusters to the cloud, adopting Google’s data analytics and machine learning tools.

Is Elastic Stretching the Truth in Its Spat With AWS Over Elasticsearch License? - The Elasticsearch and Kibana license change may have less to do with alleged abuse by AWS than Elastic's public statements would have you believe.

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