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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: August 28, 2020

Pondering Kubernetes' impact on data center design; cloud giants build specialized platforms for enterprises; EdgeMicro shifts into higher gear; and more.

Is Kubernetes Changing Data Centers in Perceptible Ways? - Containerization has promised to carry the torch further after virtualization catalyzed a re-imagining of the data center. Has it delivered?

Industry-Tailored Clouds Give Platforms More Marketplaces They Can Run - Their internet marketplaces under regulatory scrutiny, Google, Amazon, and others are building more ecosystems – but of a different kind.

EdgeMicro to Launch Its Next Five Edge Data Centers by Year’s End - The startup offering colocation for edge computing is expanding to tier-two markets in Midwest and the South.

DIY or Managed?: Kubernetes Deployment Options Abound - Here's how to pick the right Kubernetes deployment option--and the right pathways within those options.

Tips for SMB Performance Tuning - Storage device too slow for comfort? Here's what to look for to guide troubleshooting and SMB performance tuning.

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