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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: April 9, 2018

Here are the five most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge last week.

Juniper: Machine Learning Isn't All We Need for Smart Networks: Self-driving networks could hide configuration complexity from operators and users alike but they can’t be black boxes.

Cybersecurity Drills More Important Than Ever for Data Centers - No amount of planning can replace regular drills. Here’s what they should include.

SaaS and Virtual Tetration: More Cisco Sans Hardware - Tetration's two new "consumption models" seem to be another step away from hardware for Cisco.

Digital Realty Powers San Francisco Data Center With Renewable Energy - Digital Realty has tapped the San Francisco Public Utility Commission’s (SFPUC) clean electricity to power its 227,000 square-foot, 8.6MW facility.

Safer Underground: Bluebird Expands Its Data Center in a Mine - The benefits of being underground outweigh the challenges of building out its facility for the service provider.

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