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Inside the Equinix DC12 data center in Ashburn, Virginia Equinix
Inside the Equinix DC12 data center in Ashburn, Virginia

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: April 19, 2019

For your weekend reading, here are the most popular stories that appeared on DCK this week.

Now That Equinix’s SDN Fabric Is Inter-Region, How Does It Compare to Megaport? - SDN fabrics make interconnection easier than ever, but which one is best for you depends on many things.

What Data Center Managers Can Learn from the Wipro Phishing Attack - It starts with training, but there’s a lot more.

How the Data Center Industry Is Supporting Digital Transformation in 2019 - The latest AFCOM State of the Data Center report is out.

10 Things You Should Know about Microsoft Azure DevOps Server - Azure DevOps Server helps facilitate cross-functional software development and deployment.

5 Key Ingredients of an Enterprise Edge Computing Infrastructure - Three experts tell us what an enterprise needs to make edge computing infrastructure practical and profitable.

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