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Rendering of Nvidia's upcoming Grace CPU Nvidia
Rendering of Nvidia's upcoming Grace CPU

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: April 16, 2021

Nvidia's upcoming Grace CPU, Submer's high-power immersion-cooled container, new name for IBM's services spinoff, and more.

Nvidia Is Designing an Arm Data Center CPU for Beyond-x86 AI Models - Tightly integrated with Nvidia GPUs, the company’s first CPU is meant for the near future when AI models reach trillions of parameters.

Nvidia Pitches DPUs, Yet Another Way to Free Up the Data Center CPU - Its Data Processing Unit is designed to offload all the virtual data center management work from the CPU.

Submer Designs Liquid-Cooled Data Center In a Box for High-Power Edge Computing Sites - The Barcelona-based startup’s container submerges servers in dielectric fluid, enabling 800kW of IT load in a 40-foot-long box.

Tetrate Service Bridge for Istio On Hybrid Clouds Ready for Production - The startup recently raised $40 million in venture funding and now has a product ready to make Istio palatable for enterprises with heterogeneous infrastructure.

‘Kyndryl’: IBM Names Spinoff of Managed Infrastructure Services Business - The separation is expected to be final by the end of 2021.

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