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ibm storage cebit 2015 getty.jpg Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: April 16, 2018

Here are the five most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge last week.

Measure Twice: Testing Data Center Storage With New WorkloadWisdom -“Once storage is shared, even changes that look quite minor could have noticeable effects on service quality.”

Data Center Infrastructure, the Often-Overlooked Security Risk - Power supplies, cooling systems, even security systems themselves can all be entry points for attackers.

New Workloads, Cost Pressures Drive Up Data Center Power Densities - Operators are pushing racks to work harder by increasing power density inside each rack.

Pentagon Says Cloud Contest Winner Only Guaranteed Two-Year Job - The eventual winner of the Pentagon’s two-year contract to provide extensive cloud services isn’t a lock to be awarded two extensions that would add eight more years.

Netflix's Container Management System Is Now Open Source - Titus will offer developers the ability to scale to Netflix size proportions and seamless integration with Amazon Web Services.

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