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Inside an Equinix data center in Pantin, France MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images
Inside an Equinix data center in Pantin, France

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: October 2020

Scott Fulton analyzes AMD's Xilinx deal and Nvidia's bid for Arm; bankers forecast a sustained data center boom; Equinix tallies up the pandemic's costs; and more

Is Xilinx Stronger with AMD or Without It? - Platform building is a well-known path, but is being part of AMD’s platform better for Xilinx than fleshing out its own already promising one?

Investment Bankers Expect the Pandemic to Fuel a Long-Term Data Center Boom - With demand skyrocketing and eager investors aplenty, there’s little that can hold the sector back.

Why AWS’s Hybrid Cloud Play Is Different, and What It Means for Colocation - Amazon’s end game appears to be different from Microsoft’s or Google’s, which bears long-term implications for colocation providers and their customers.

Equinix Expects the Pandemic to Cost It $20M to $30M in 2020 - The costs added as a result of the crisis have been lower than originally anticipated.

Could Nvidia’s $40B Arm Gamble Get Stuck at the Edge? - What has to happen before its vision of an entirely new data center architecture comes to fruition?

Cisco Router Vulnerability Puts Network Segmentation at Risk - The network vendor is urging customers to patch, as attackers actively exploit the CDPwn vulnerability.

Ex-Digital Realty Deal Architect forms a Data Center Venture With Goldman - With Goldman's backing, Scott Peterson’s Global Compute plans to build a global data center platform.

Large Data Center Operators Could Face Millions in Tax Hikes in California - State Proposition 15 would raise property taxes on the largest commercial and industrial real estate.

Digital Realty’s Business in Europe and Asia Outpaces North America - The shift illustrates the transformational nature of its Interxion acquisition.

Nvidia Pitches DPUs, Yet Another Way to Free Up the Data Center CPU - Its Data Processing Unit is designed to offload all the virtual data center management work from the CPU.

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