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Inside Google's data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa Google
Inside Google's data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: October 2018

Here's a recap of the biggest stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this October.

Cloud Giants Continue Pouring Billions Into Data Centers - Hyperscale data center spend may be slowing down, but it remains enormous.

WikiLeaks Publishes What It Says Is a List of Amazon Data Centers - If accurate, the list would be the most detail the public has ever seen about the world’s biggest cloud provider’s infrastructure.

AWS, Apple, Supermicro Attack Bloomberg’s Spy Chip Report - The companies all issued statements denying central claims in a report by Bloomberg BusinessWeek about an alleged chip covertly planted onto motherboards destined for US companies’ data centers.

Cloudera and Hortonworks to Merge and Roll Out End-to-End Data Platform - The combined company, they said, will bring to market an end-to-end enterprise data management solution that will span customers’ own data centers, public cloud platforms, and edge locations.

N. Virginia’s Already Tight Data Center Real Estate Market Just Got a Lot Tighter - Digital Realty secures huge runway for further expansion near Dulles International.

Rainier Ehrhardt/Getty Images

A server tray in Facebook's Forest City, North Carolina, data center, 2010

Open Data Center Hardware Movement Gets Shot in the Arm in Europe - Chinese hardware giant Huawei has joined the Open Compute Project, and its rival Inspur announced a new line of OCP products aimed at enterprises.

What Tech Wreck? Data Center Stocks Offer Shelter in a Stormy Market - REITs, including data center REITs, were one of the few places to hide from the selloff carnage.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Oracle co-founder and chairman Larry Ellison delivers a keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld on October 22, 2018 in San Francisco

Ellison Touts Hardware “Barriers” and “Robots” Guarding Oracle’s Cloud - Oracle CTO Larry Ellison touted “impenetrable barriers” and “autonomous robots” that guard Oracle’s second-generation cloud platform in his opening keynote for Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

AdeptDC Wants to Use Machine Learning to Prevent Data Center Outages - The startup says its upcoming software will do much more than managing the cooling system.

Oracle Expanding New Cloud Platform to 13 Regions by 2019 - Oracle’s newest cloud platform will soon be hosted in at least nine additional locations around the world besides the four it’s hosted in now.

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