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Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: June 2019

In case you missed anything, here are the 10 biggest things we wrote about in June.

What Is Razee, and Why IBM Open Sourced It - The continuous delivery software that's been doing the heavy lifting on IBM's global Kubernetes platform is now open source.

What HPE’s Acquisition of Cray Means for the Supercomputer Industry - HPE will integrate Cray’s supercomputer technology into its product portfolio and build an HPC-as-a-service and AI cloud services on HPE GreenLake.

Need a Bigger and Badder Network? Try Using Microsoft’s - Azure expands the number of ways enterprises can use its global network.

Bloom EnergyA big rooftop customer deployment of Bloom Energy servers

A big rooftop customer deployment of Bloom Energy servers

Effectively Locked Out of Key Data Center Market, Bloom Sues Santa Clara - The city’s new restrictions make Bloom’s prospects in one of the hottest markets uncertain.

Amazon’s Relentless Growth in Northern Virginia Continues - DCK Investor Edge: Amazon Web Services' shadow development pipeline impacts all companies that require land to develop and operate data centers in Northern Virginia.

HPE CEO Pledges to Sell ‘Everything as a Service’ by 2022 - In its boldest move yet to make on-prem IT more like public cloud, the company says GreenLake is its future.

Digital Realty Ups the Ante in Data Center Alley - DCK Investor Edge: Digital Realty’s record $2.14 million per acre strategic purchase is a game changer and signals the next chapter for Data Center Alley development.

Yevgeniy SverdlikMicrosoft Azure hardware on display at the OCP Summit 2019

Microsoft Azure hardware on display at the OCP Summit 2019

Why Microsoft Is Betting on FPGAs for Machine Learning at the Edge - The company says multiple large customers have been trying out new edge hardware acceleration services.

Why Merchant Silicon Is Taking Over the Data Center Network Market - New chip makers drive new levels of network agility and programmability.

SiFive CEO Says RISC-V Servers are 'Five Years Away' - Last year he thought smartphones and servers were five and 10 years away, respectively, but he's had to "pull in his targets."

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