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Andrew Fanara

ENERGY STAR Alum Andrew Fanara Joins Informa’s DEEP Program

Andrew Fanara joins DEEP as head of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development, bringing a world of data center sustainability knowledge from his time at ENERGY STAR.

Both the general public and industry insiders are putting pressure on data centers to provide more transparency around data center sustainability metrics. In a recent Omdia survey, 89% of colocation buyers listed renewable energy sources as critical or important when selecting a colocation provider.

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This prompted Informa’s new DEEP (Data Center Efficiency Evolution Program) program to bring in a data center sustainability veteran to lead its efforts to stand apart from other sustainability certification organizations such as LEED. 

DEEP has named ENERGY STAR alum Andrew Fanara head of strategic partnerships and business development. In his new role, Fanara will lend his expertise in sustainability, technology, and data centers to bring a climate-conscious perspective to running data centers. Fanara spent a decade at US EPA, working closely with the data center industry to develop and implement the ENERGY STAR certification for data center equipment, in addition to other residential and commercial products.

DEEP is a program that provides transparency on data center operations and the practical guidance and support for continuous improvement. “Andrew has been an advocate for DEEP from the moment of introduction,” said Liz Cruz, director of data center programs at Informa. “We are so excited to have his passion, expertise, and collaborative nature to support the widespread adoption of DEEP as the new standard in data center efficiency.”

DEEP launched in March of this year and has already been adopted by progressive colocations and enterprises. Fanara will lend his expertise in sustainability, technology, and data centers to bring an evolved perspective on what it means to run data centers in a world with an immediate need for climate action. Fanara shared that he is “thrilled to be partnering with Informa on the DEEP program.”

“I genuinely believe [DEEP] could be a game changer for the industry – bringing accountability to large operators and recognition to those truly delivering on their promise to address climate change,” Fanara said.

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