5 Reasons Modern Data Centers Use Environmental Sensors

Your data center's efficiency is critical. Find out why all modern data centers are using environmental sensors.

Bill Kleyman

May 28, 2014

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5 Reasons Modern Data Centers Use Environmental Sensors

Even as the modern data center grows in usage, administrators are still tasked with developing and even more efficient environment. Organizations are growing and new demands around the data center platform create direct efficiency challenges which must be overcome.

Here’s the important part:  data center demand will only continue to increase. With more users, cloud, and data,  the data center model will need to adapt to ever-changing business demands.

A big piece of powerful data center management revolves around the utilization of environmental sensors. According to researchers at Gartner:

  • Sensors can help prevent overcooling, undercooling, electrostatic discharge, corrosion and short circuits.

  • Sensors help organizations to reduce operational costs, defer capital expenditures, improve uptime, and increase capacity for future growth.

  • Sensors provide environmental monitoring and alert managers to potential problems like the presence of water, smoke, and open cabinet doors.

  • Sensors can save you up to four percent in energy costs for every degree of upward change in the baseline temperature, known as a set point.

There’s a great saying that now directly impacts the data center platform: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

In this eBook from Raritan, we quickly see exactly why the using of intelligent environmental sensors can positively impact data center efficiency. These five key reasons include:

  • Save on Cooling by Confidently Raising Data Center Temperatures

  • Ensure Uptime by Monitoring Airflow and Air Pressure to and from Racks

  • Maintain Cabinet Security with Contact Closure Sensors

  • Improve Data Center Uptime by Receiving Environment Alerts

  • Make Strategic Decisions on Environmental Designs and Modifications

Visibility into your data center is critical to keeping it healthy. Utilizing environmental sensors gives you a proactive view into exactly how well your data center is operating. Download this whitepaper today to see the diverse nature of environmental sensors, what they can see, and how they can directly improve your data center efficiency.

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