Shoot for the Moon – How to Create Your Next-Generation Web Server Platform

With more web-based data and applications - find out how you can create your hyperscale-ready, next-generation, web server platform

Bill Kleyman

April 22, 2014

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Shoot for the Moon – How to Create Your Next-Generation Web Server Platform

As the modern infrastructure evolves, administrators are tasked with handling more web-based workloads and a lot more data. Specific tasks and applications are creating server density challenges, and data centers may wind up compensating by improperly allocating resources. The reality is that cloud-based traffic and big data aren’t going away. In fact, a recent HP study indicates that the amount of information traversing the WAN will only continue to increase. The study states that by 2020, we will have roughly 40 zettabytes of big data to process, 50 times more than in 2010.

Now your enterprise can deliver high-volume work-loads through new computing and data center technologies. These are then coupled with a powerful logical layer to help your organization span numerous data center nodes. Infrastructure scalability is the new data center norm. To handle big data, mobility, security, and an influx of user connections, your data center model will need to evolve with the demands of the industry. In this whitepaper form HP, you begin to understand how server configurations and new SDx platforms can help optimize your organization, improve app and user performance, and better align IT goals with your future business plans.

Remember, the modern data center is experiencing all new types of challenges. These include:

  • Proliferation of cloud

  • Much more mobility and IT consumerization

  • Big data

  • Data center and infrastructure management

  • Efficiency and scale

  • Data modeling

To address these concerns – new platforms are allowing data centers to create a very efficient infrastructure capable of hyperscale. Furthermore, we’re now incorporating technologies which help abstract the physical and introduce the software-defined layer. In working to accommodate the ever-evolving Internet-of-Things (IoT), HP’s Moonshot platform created a server platform that was tailored and tuned for specific cloud-based and web server solutions. These specialized and task-oriented solutions provide optimal results for a given workload. In fact, these operations can range from dedicated hosting and web front-end to more advanced functions such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

Download this whitepaper today to learn about a powerful platform which can help revolutionize how you create your next-generation web server platform.

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