ComRent Highlights Rack-Mounted Load Bank

ComRent, a load bank rental solutions and services company has announced the development of its CRLS 11.5 rack-mounted load bank system, which it says allows for a more accurate validation test compared to using floor standing load banks for CRAC and Chiller System capacity tests.

Michael Potts

November 22, 2011

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The rack-mounted ComRent CRLS 11.5 Load Bank, which offers additional features to simulate power loads in data centers and other mission-critical facilities.

ComRent, which specializes in load bank rental solutions for mission-critical facilities, has introduced its CRLS 11.5 rack-mounted load bank system, which can allow a more accurate validation test compared to using floor standing load banks for computer room air conditioner (CRAC) and chiller system capacity tests.

Load banks are devices used to testing a data center's readiness for the heat and power draw of racks of servers.  By mimicking the operation of an everyday data load on the system, load banks allow validation testers a way to fully assess the cooling system’s capacity to handle large load situations. ComRent says rack-mounted systems can more accurately simulate conditions in a running data center than equipment that tests for room-level temperatures, and that the CRLS 11.5 can reduce the risk of miscalculations and costly reconfigurations.

Key Features of the CRLS 11.5 include:

  • Variable fan speed control: Full adjustment of CFM, Temperature Delta, altitude compensation and ability to fine-tune the applied load, with an adjustment range from 530 CFM to a maximum of 730 CFM per channel.

  • Three load steps per channel: Allowing for five different load combinations, providing a wider array of fine load step resolution at all voltages.

  • Internal or External fan and control power source: External fan and control power allows the unit to be used to create a Black Start condition. The current draw is 2.6 A @ 120VAC with the fan at its maximum setting (internal or external power).

  • Extensive protection system: Thermal protection, power supply shut-down and wrong voltage detection.

"As server densities increase, data center owners and facilities operators are in need of a reliable, automated solution to help them accurately and safely verify mission-critical electrical and mechanical systems," said Clayton Taylor, CEO of ComRent. "The ability to virtually eliminate the risk of making changes to a production environment after commissioning makes the 11.5 rack-mounted load bank an ideal solution for mission critical data centers."

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