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Cooling Innovation in Action: An In-Depth Look at the COOLERCHIPS Initiative

This free report offers an in-depth look at the US Department of Energy’s COOLERCHIPS initiative – and the pioneers driving data center cooling innovation.

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Amid the surging demand for data centers, the need for innovative and sustainable cooling solutions is greater than ever. One organization stepping up to the challenge is the US Department of Energy, which recently launched the first-of-its-kind COOLERCHIPS initiative to spearhead innovation in the field of data center cooling technology.  

More than $40 million in grants are being awarded to 15 enterprise and academic projects that aim to reinvent the way we think about data, energy, and the environment. These programs are focused on reshaping conventional notions of data management, energy consumption, and environmental impact within data centers and the digital infrastructure ecosystem. 

In this Tech Insights report, we take a deep dive into the COOLERCHIPS initiative, spotlighting some of the cutting-edge projects that are poised to revolutionize data center cooling methods and improve the efficiency of these essential facilities. Take advantage of the free download below!

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