Joyent Services Back After 8 Day Outage

Two online storage services from Joyent are back up, eight days after being knocked offline by a file corruption issue.

Rich Miller

January 21, 2008

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Two online storage services from Joyent are back up, according to an update late Sunday from company CEO David Young. Service at BingoDisk was restored Saturday, while Strongspace came back online Sunday, eight days after both services were knocked offline by a data corruption issue. UPDATE: Spoke too soon. As of midday Monday, Strongspace is down again "due to unexpected issues" that Joyent is evaluating.

The company cited a bug in the ZFS file system from Sun as the cause of the outage. It was later learned that Joyent was running an older version of OpenSolaris and that the ZFS bug had been and fixed months earlier. Young promised to follow up with a detailed recap of the outage and lessons learned.

BingoDisk and Strongpace are just two of the services offered by Joyent. The company's other services remained online last week. "The vast majority of Joyent services are up and running without issue," Young said in a comment at TechCrunch. "While we haven't yet restored service for Strongspace and Bingodisk, the ZFS issue are in no way affecting our Rails, PHP, Java, Python, etc. hosting customers. Joyent Accelerators continue to provide excellent on-demand service for Joyent's thousands of customers including one customer driving nearly 20 million page views a day."

Joyent was founded in 2004 to provide on-demand hosted applications built on open source technologies and Ruby on Rails. Its offerings include Accelerator, a "compute cloud" similar to Amazon's EC2 that provides a scalable on-demand infrastructure for running web sites. In 2005 it acquired application hosting provider TextDrive.

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