Data Center Power: Product News Roundup

News from Emerson, Eaton, and Power Analytics

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Data Center Power: Product News Roundup
Eaton Operations Technician LeRoyal Allen works on an industrial circuit breaker at the Eaton electrical facility in Parma, Ohio (Photo: Eaton)

Emerson and Eaton make additions to backup data center power product lines, and Power Analytics secures patents for its arc flash protection software.

Emerson Redesigns Mid-Range Switchgear

Emerson Network Power, soon to be a stand-alone entity, separate from Emerson Electric, claims to have redesigned its ASCO 4000-series paralleling switchgear for backup generators. Thanks to the redesign, the product line now provides “high-end, custom capabilities in a mid-range system,” the company said.

Monitoring and control features are now independent of the operator touch screen, and generator control is independent from the master controller. Serves to improve reliability, the hard-wired generator control circuit is separate from the master controller.

The switchgear has advanced diagnostics for monitoring power meters, gen-set controllers, automation controllers, automatic transfer switches, and circuit breakers. The company has also worked on making interfaces on the screens more user-friendly, with simple-to-read “one-lines, charts, graphs, and pictograms.”

Eaton Improves Circuit Protection

Eaton rolled-out a new fused disconnect switch for data center circuit protection. The new Bussmann Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector is designed for faster panel installation and simpler selective coordination requirements.

It accepts branch circuit-rated fuses that are current-limiting and have interrupting rating up to 200 kiloamperes. Designed for deployment globally, a variety of configurations provide AC voltage ratings up to 600 volts.

Mounting and panel layout dimensions match common low-profile circuit breakers.

Power Analytics Beefs Up Arc Flash Patent Portfolio

Data center power management software company Power Analytics has received a number of new patents for technologies used in its arc flash protection software.

An arc flash is an electrical explosion that happens when a low-impedance connection is made accidentally to ground or another voltage phase. It’s a dangerous, sometimes deadly occurrence in electrical rooms, including electrical rooms in data centers.

Power Analytics’ arc flash software continuously monitors electrical systems for potential arc flash hazards. Called Paladin Real-Time Arc Flash, it’s part of the company’s Paladin Live software suite.

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