White Glove IT Services Start with Data Migration

Learn about data migration at Data Center World Fall

Michael Vizard

August 10, 2015

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White Glove IT Services Start with Data Migration

When it comes to managing data centers, there are few tasks quite as expensive or painful as moving massive amounts of data from one data center to another.

At the Data Center World conference in National Harbor, Maryland, this September, Peak Hosting CEO Jeffrey Papen plans to outline the practical steps every IT organization needs to think through when planning for a data migration project.

Of course, in the context of Peak Hosting that data migration involves moving data into data centers that it manages. As a provider of “white glove” data center services, Peak Hosting handles everything from servers and switches to staffing of the data center facility.

“We handle everything except the code,” Papen said. “We have 180 people with over 10,000 servers under management.”

Papen freely admits that kinds of service typically only makes sense when the application workloads are absolutely mission critical. But demand for it is already generating over $100 million in annual revenue.

The one thing he cannot abide, however, are public clouds. The data centers managed by Peak Hosting are all running single-tenant applications to make sure the highest application performance levels are maintained. For that reason, Peak Hosting is only looking for customers that want to commit to two-to-three-year contracts.

Naturally, all that attention to IT detail starts and ends with data migration both into and out of those data centers.

For more information, sign up for Data Center World National Harbor, which will convene in National Harbor, Maryland, on September 20-23, 2015, and attend Jeffrey’s session titled “Avoiding the Migration Migraine: How Eight Steps and Three Weeks Delivered CloudCoverMusic's Successful Migration.”

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