Basic and Intelligent PDUs – Understanding the Differences

Intelligent PDUs help create intelligent architecture that can resolve some of today's most pressing data center control challenges

Bill Kleyman

August 20, 2015

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Basic and Intelligent PDUs – Understanding the Differences
Raritan power distribution units installed in a data center

The technological landscape is evolving to a point where the modern data center is truly the home to many of the latest cloud and content delivery platforms. Cloud computing, IT consumerization, and mobility have all impacted how we use data center resources and optimize power utilization. As the business becomes even more reliant on the data center, administrators are faced with a line of new challenges. These include:

  • Power capacity management and provisioning

  • Energy management

  • Computing capacity demand

  • Physical and network security

Organizations and data center administrators are constantly looking for ways to improve data center control and overcome these kinds of challenges. Consider this - a recent Ponemon Institute study showed that in 2013, the average cost of downtime was a staggering $7,908 per minute. The very same study also showed us that the cost of a data breach to a company is on average $145 per affected individual and $3.5M per incident. This means we’re dealing with real capacity, management, and even security challenges when it comes to data center control. This is where intelligence can begin to make a real difference.

In this whitepaper, we learn that data centers absolutely require a new way to create optimal uses around power, space, cooling, and of course, people. This means creating an architecture built around intelligence and one that can resolve some of the most pressing data center control challenges out there. Intelligent PDUs go way further than just power distribution. Today, these units help tackle power, energy, capacity, and even management challenges. Furthermore, direct integration with real-time data collection and the entire network architecture, you begin to introduce very real security into the physical and logical side of the data center.

Download this whitepaper today to see how intelligent PDUs help meet the demands around increased computing capacity, improve the overall safeguarding of your infrastructure, and make it much easier to manage your critical data center assets.

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