Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: June 25, 2021

Rocky's championship bid, Nautilus Data Technologies' old mill data center, AT&T enters VAR space, and more.

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Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: June 25, 2021

CentOS Stand-in Rocky Linux Becomes a Ready-for-Prime-Time Player - Nearly three months after CentOS replacement AlmaLinux reached its first stable release, Rocky is ready to be a contender.

A Water-cooled Data Center Where an Abandoned Paper Mill Stood -Records made public by the owners of a long-abandoned production facility reveal the daunting task for its new operators, as they begin converting it into a sustainable information powerhouse.

Microsoft Launches Azure Private MEC with AT&T in Tow, Not Vice Versa - If Multi-access Edge Computing becomes an option for your data center services, would you be contracting with the cloud provider or the telco provider?

Equinix Reiterates Its Climate-Neutral Targets: Non-Fossil Diesel Fuel is One Option - One of the options the colo leader has chosen to take to meet Paris climate goals involves its choice of fuel for providing backup power to its facilities — an option its competitors may have not yet considered.

HPE CEO: In the Future, It’s Just GreenLake - Since taking command, Antonio Neri has pledged to make HPE a services company. So maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise if that’s what actually happens, very soon.

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