Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: June 12, 2020

Here are the biggest things we wrote about this week.

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Data center racks

New Malware Makes Air-Gapped Data Center Networks Less Bulletproof - An advanced cyberespionage group is designing malware that can “jump” across air gaps, researchers say.

Just Add Water: Augmenting Air-Cooled Data Centers with Liquid - Seeing hot chips in the pipeline, OCP hyperscalers want to standardize retrofitting air-cooled servers with plumbing.

US Data Center Operators Have Financing Advantages Over EU Counterparts - Why US-based data center operators have been able to raise more money to finance growth than their European counterparts.

COVID-19: Five Recommendations for Telco IT Leaders - If you are in charge of IT infrastructure at a telecommunications firm, here are the areas to focus IT resources on to deal with the pandemic-induced challenges.

Atlassian Integrates Tasks Across Its DevOps Platform - Changes to the Atlassian DevOps platform integrate different tasks to help enable a seamless application development pipeline.

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