How to Create a Next Gen Organization With a Next Gen Data Center

Organizations are now building their business around their IT capabilities. Learn how to create a next-gen enterprise with a next-gen data center!

Bill Kleyman

May 2, 2014

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How to Create a Next Gen Organization With a Next Gen Data Center

There’s a new reality happening in the business world: The next gen data center is critical to your business. Organizations are now planning their business model around their IT environment. The data center is now a direct part of your organization. It controls your delivery process, optimizes user experiences, and helps you tackle demands both today and in the future.

Your data center has become your strategic center. In this white paper from Equinix, we quickly learn that preparation for your future business model starts at your data center.

The businesses that thrive amid fluctuating technology demands are not only keeping a finger on the pulse of current trends, they have the infrastructure in place to handle whatever changes might come.

And they’re doing so by treating their data centers as a strategic asset—a hub from which providers and performance can all stem.

So what does the next-generation data center look like? What will this platform house and how will it directly impact your organization and the end-user? As many analysts have outlined, there are five key trends that will impact the modern organization and infrastructure.

  • Mobility

  • Consumer technology

  • Cloud services

  • Hyper-digitization

  • Globalization

Through your planning process and as you design your data center model – it will be critical to take the above trends into the design process. Consider this - by 2017, 5.2 billion people will be connected through mobile devices. That’s a majority of the world’s population who will be streaming, sharing, downloading, sending, receiving and opening up a world of potential customers for the prepared enterprise. This also means that a majority of the population will be tapping into your networks all day, every day, from a myriad of different devices.

All of these new trends around IT consumerization, cloud delivery models, and a greater influx of data in the cloud are generating new kinds of demands around the next-gen data center ecosystem. Download this white paper today to learn about these 5 key trends and how your future business model will directly revolve around preparations for your next-generation data center.

As cloud customers begin to make the cloud a vital part of their IT strategy, rather than for select cases, they are becoming savvier, and in turn, more demanding—expecting to interact, work and play whenever, wherever, and however they choose. As we head toward worldwide cloud adoption, it’s estimated that by 2017, the percentage of workloads migrating to the cloud will increase by 500 percent.


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