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Network cables
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Comparing Data Center SDN Tech: VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, and Open SDN Options

What to keep in mind when evaluating SDN options for the ever important networking layer

The data center network layer is the engine that manages some of the most important business data points you have. Applications, users, specific services, and even entire business segments are all tied to network capabilities and delivery architectures. And with all the growth around cloud, virtualization, and the digital workspace, the network layer has become even more important.

Most of all, we’re seeing more intelligence and integration taking place at the network layer. The biggest evolution in networking includes integration with other services, the integration of cloud, and network virtualization. Let’s pause there and take a brief look at that last concept.

Software-defined networking, or the abstraction of the control and data plane, gives administrators a completely new way to manage critical networking resources. 

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