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Colo Interconnection Services: Everything You Need to Know Getty Images

Colo Interconnection Services: Everything You Need to Know

Now more than ever, colo providers have been offering interconnection as a service to customers, often as a premium feature. You’d think interconnectivity would be a standard feature. So what it is exactly?

Interconnection – the technologies that assemble and integrate the components of a data center – is a value-add for colos. That’s because modern applications are designed to be distributed: to run in the domains and at the locations most convenient for them. As data stores grow, it becomes less convenient to store them all in one place, such as within one cloud. This dynamic has been a factor in cloud repatration efforts, where businesses bring data and systems previously outsourced to the cloud back into the corporate domain.

Interconnection services play a part here by enabling interoperability between data stores within the corporate firewall and cloud providers’ services and applications; distributing processing power closer to the location where it is being generated; and providing a central hub for multicloud deployments. Interconnection services deliver fantastic margins compared with space leasing, but they still make up only a small percentage of most big colos’ revenues.  

In this special report, find out which business needs require interconnection, in what scenarios multicloud approaches are beneficial for colos, how customer needs differ by behavioral pattern, how hybrid cloud presents a new use case for interconnection, the benefit of carrier neutrality, and more.

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