The Power of a Consumable Data Center Network Design

With more reliance around the modern data center, learn how a fully virtualized networking plane can help create a truly consumable data center network.

Bill Kleyman

October 8, 2013

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The Power of a Consumable Data Center Network Design

Cloud computing has created new types of services, new types of delivery infrastructure, and a new type of data center demand. Unfortunately, today’s data communications networks are not able to keep pace with this dynamic business environment, and they’re struggling to deliver consistent, on-demand connectivity. Enter the consumable data center network design.

Before the move to the cloud, enterprises had to purchase large compute systems to meet the peak processing needs of a limited set of specific events, such as financial milestones (month end or year-end), or annual retail events (holiday shopping). Outside of the specific events, the systems were under-utilized. Thus, this approach was expensive, both in terms of CAPEX and OPEX, requiring significant outlay for power, space and air-conditioning. With that, came the concept of the cloud-based data center. This infrastructure allowed an organization and their IT department to consume additional compute and storage cycles on an as-needed basis. Peak demands can be provisioned “just in time”, which lowers operational costs and provides the ability to share compute resources across applications.

This white paper from Nuage Networks examines the real technology behind a consumable data center network. This means the ability to create direct transparency between applications, creating easier-to-manage networking environments, and eliminating the vendor lock-down challenge. This white paper outlines:

  • The complete abstraction of the application from the data center

  • Customer self-fulfillment – Cloud Management Systems (CMS)

  • Maximizing network compute cycles with Virtualized Services Platforms (VSPs)

  • Understanding next-generation networking with Virtual Service Controllers, Virtual Routing and Switching, and the Virtualized Services Directory.

Download this white paper today to learn how a fully virtualized networking plane can help create a truly consumable data center network. As the reliance on the modern data center continues to increase, the applications and services hosted within these platforms will become even more critical. With that in mind, creating an agile networking infrastructure can help meet the demands of a growing business organization.

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