Telx Expands Private Cloud Connectivity

Telx announced a new data center connection service, and the addition of low-latency fiber into its Clifton, NJ facility. These latest moves, particularly Data Center Connect, ensure Telx maintains a strong connectivity story as it increases its data center footprint.

Jason Verge

October 15, 2012

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Interconnection and cloud services specialist Telx has launched its Datacenter Connect service, a flexible virtual private solution designed to support applications across Telx’s Cloud Connection Center (C3) footprint through a cost-effective virtual fabric. The service is aimed at connecting burstable cloud applications across Telx’s network of 17 data center facilities.

The Datacenter Connect service is an extension of Telx’s already successful interconnection model within facilities and metros to enable seamless connections between facilities. The service addresses several client needs: Datacenter Connect allows customers to rapidly and cost-effectively connect services and applications, and is interoperable with clients’ choice of carrier services. It provides network connectivity in an on-demand manner, often required for proof of concept, short-term connectivity, and progressive market expansion. Essentially, it addresses increasingly distributed, cloud applications and the need for cost-effective connectivity across multiple facilities.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect was cited as one potential interconnection option for Telx clients through the Datacenter Connect service. The AWS Direct Connect program allows customers to establish a private network connection to the Amazon cloud that can reduce network costs and increase throughput. AWS expanded its high-speed access to its cloud computing service, Direct Connect, by adding Telx to the AWS Direct Connect program last month, allowing Telx to offer direct connects to AWS for its customers in Northern California, as well as adjacent markets. Availability is expanding into other markets as well.

Cross River Fiber Ties Into Telx NJ

Telx also announced that New Jersey-based dark fiber optic and telecommunications solutions provider Cross River Fiber is bringing in low-latency fiber into Telx’s facilities in Clifton, NJ. It adds a new fiber route into NJR2 at 100 Delawanna Ave and NJR3 at 2 Peekay. The new fiber route provides customers at these Clinton facilities with low latency connectivity to financial exchanges in Secaucus and Weekawken. Earlier this year, Cross River Fiber disclosed its intentions of deploying the shortest routes between all New Jersey data centers.

Expanding Footprint, Services

As Telx has been adding connectivity options on all fronts, it has also been actively adding colo space, including a major new project in Clifton, NJ. In Clifton, the company broke ground on a $200 million data center last May, giving it high density space to support its expansion in the greater New York Market. The Clifton facility is the company’s first “greenfield” data center project, adding 215,000 square feet adjacent to its existing site at the Mountain Technology Center.

Telx also opened a new data center in Silicon Valley in August, bringing 32,000 square feet of data center space in Santa Clara as one of the first tenants in Vantage Data Centers wholesale facility. In May, Telx expanded at 200 Paul in San Francisco, adding approximately 20,000 square feet of high density space there. These latest moves, particularly Data Center Connect, ensure Telx maintains a strong connectivity story as it increases its footprint.

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