Enabling the Move to Data Center Switching Fabric

For the data center to evolve, the network must be modernized. This white paper helps you to learn how to create application fluency within the modern data center.

Bill Kleyman

November 4, 2013

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Enabling the Move to Data Center Switching Fabric

As networks expand and demand grows challenging resource delivery, data center environments must support the next-generation in networking technologies. Why? The growth around the modern cloud, workloads, data, and applications will without a doubt continue to push forward.

For the data center to evolve, the network must be modernized. This modern data center network needs to respond to the requirements of new technology such as server and desktop virtualization. It also needs to deliver a high-quality user experience, especially for real-time applications such as video, collaboration and video surveillance, which executives now consider essential to their organizations’ responsiveness, creativity and security. As the number of mobile devices begins to overtake desk-bound and office-bound equipment, the network must also support the plethora of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices infiltrating the organization that are often no longer under control of the IT team and thus cannot be tuned for application delivery.

Virtualization, new applications and new devices require moving away from the old multi-tier network architecture in the data center to a true switching fabric that provides low-latency, any-to-any connectivity. In this white paper from Alcatel-Lucent, you will learn why the traditional data center network infrastructure is under extreme pressure, what changes need to happen to modernize the data center network infrastructure, and how an application fluent approach can help ensure a successful step-by-step transition toward the next-generation enterprise data center switching fabric.

Download this whitepaper today to learn about:

  • Enabling multi-site data center models

  • Creating private and hybrid cloud environments

  • Incorporating virtual network profiles

  • How to bring application fluency into the data center switching model

  • How to modernize your network to create direct data center optimizations

The data center infrastructure will continue to undergo a rapid transformation to drive down costs and improve the end-user experience in the face of rapidly evolving technology trends. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Application Fluent Network helps enterprises ensure a high-quality end-user experience and more simplified operations. As the dependency around the modern data center continues to increase, improving how applications and resources are delivered to the end-user will become a key part of creating a truly efficient environment.

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