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More Scenes from Data Center World Fall 2012

AFCOM Data Center World offered sessions on topics such as general data center management, cloud computing, general facilities management, disaster recovery and security. Participants learned from peers during the multiple educational sessions Monday. Here are more photos from the event.

Tate Cantrell, CTO of Verne Global, presented on greening efficiency in power management. He said the trend of data centers is to locate closer to energy sources. (Photo by Colleen Miller)

At the 3M booth in the Expo Hall, a television is running while submerged in 3M Novec Engineered Fluid. The non-conductive fluid is being used to remove heat from servers. (Photo by Colleen Miller)


Bangmoo Lee, director, Service Operation Division, National Computing & Information Agency (NCIA), Republic of Korea, presented about how his agency consolidated all Korean government agencies to two data centers, reducing cost and increasing security. He said NCIA plans to convert 60 percent of its government agencies to G-Cloud (a private government cloud) by 2016. (Photo by Colleen Miller)


Emerson Network Power has a big presence in the Data Center World Expo Hall, with its modular unit on hand for tours.( Photo by Colleen Miller)