Video Roundup: 14 Modular Products Revealed

Modular data center solutions, in all their shapes and forms, are an emerging deployment model for many organizations’ growing need to add data center capacity quickly and cost-effectively. We have brought together all of our videos from the last few years, showing modular solutions from 14 different vendors.

Colleen Miller

May 30, 2012

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Video Roundup: 14 Modular Products Revealed

The term “modular” is often used to describe a variety of pre-fabricated modular product offerings - including ones for housing power, cooling or IT gear - for today’s data center industry. Modular solutions, in all shapes and forms, are directly related many organizations’ growing need to add data center capacity quickly and cost-effectively. Since it could be a bit confusing for data center operators and customers to decipher which product fits best in their data center site or inside their facility and meets their requirements, we have brought together all of our videos from the last few years, showing modular solutions from 14 different vendors. Enjoy!


Inside SGI’s Air-Cooled Modular Data Center
SGI has a unit called the "ICE Cube" container, which can use fresh air cooling in most climates. This video offers a detailed tour of the features of the SGI modular data center.

Inside the PDI i-Con Modular Data Center
Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) gives a guided video tour of the i-Con container and an overview of its design features. PDI deployed one of its i-Con Modular Data Centers at the Pelio & Associates facility in Santa Clara, Calif.

Dell's Modular Data Center
What's inside Dell's modular design? In this video, Ty Schmitt and Mark Bailey from the Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) team provide a tour of one of the Dell Modular Data Centers.

Closer Look: IO.Anywhere Modular Data Center
In this video, IO Chief Executive Officer George Slessman provides an overview of the company's IO.Anywhere pre-fabricated modular data center.

Video: Walk-Through of the HP EcoPOD Module
HP's Wade Vinson offers a walk-through of the EcoPOD, the company's next-generation modular data center design. The EcoPOD features two rows of cabinets and can use outside air for cooling.

The HP POD: 90 Degrees in the Cold Aisle (1st generation POD)
This video features a tour of the HP POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter), which is HP's initial entry in the data center container market. HP's Steve Cumings walked us through the container and some of its features, including the ability to maintain the cold aisle at temperatures as high as 90 degrees, which is significantly warmer than the 68 to 72 degrees seen in traditional data centers.


AST Modular Powers Thor Data Center
AST Global rebranded as AST Modular to reflect the Barcelona company's focus on the market for modular and containerized data centers. CEO Henry Daunet provides a video tour of one of the company's free cooling containers at the THOR data center in Iceland.

Closer Look: BladeRoom Pre-Fab Modules
UK modular data center specialist BladeRoom says it can provide pre-fab data centers with a PUE approaching 1.15. Here are several videos offering a closer look at the company's designs.

Container Colo in Silicon Valley
In this video, Jon Shank of Pelio & Associates describes the company's vision for its modular data center facility in Santa Clara, Calif. and the factors that led the company to pursue the "container colo" approach.

Datapod: The Next Evolution of Containers?
This video overview from Datapod shows how it has developed a system of modular container components that allow companies to quickly deploy data centers to fit their available space and power.


Verne, Colt Bring Modular Data Centers to Iceland
Verne Global’s data center in Iceland will deploy customer servers in a factory-built modular server hall designed and built by Colt in its UK factory. The unit is then shipped to Verne’s site in a former NATO command center. In this video, executives from Verne discuss the Icelandic location and why they chose Colt's modules for the project.

Closer Look: Active Power's PowerHouse
This video provides an overview of the Active Power PowerHouse system, a modular power infrastructure solution, which contains critical power infrastructure components and is available in increments from 240 kW to 960 kW.

Closer Look: Schneider Electric Modules
Schneider Electric's VP of Global Data Center Offer, Kevin Brown provides a video walk through of Schneider Electric's pre-manufactured power facility module.

Closer Look: Digital Realty POD 2.0 Architecture

Digital Realty Chief Technology Officer Jim Smith gives an overview of how Digital Realty incorporates pre-fabricated modular infrastructure into data centers using its POD Architecture 2.0 designs.

For additional video, check out our DCK video archive and the Data Center Videos channel on YouTube.

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