Lee Technologies Offers Modular Data Center

Lee Technologies has introduced a modular data center offering called Flexible Solutions, which uses containers to house both IT gear and support equipment for power and cooling systems.

Rich Miller

October 4, 2010

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A look at several Lee Technologies Flexible Solutions Support Modules housed outside a data center.

Lee Technologies has introduced a modular data center offering called Flexible Solutions, which uses containers to house both IT gear and support equipment for power and cooling systems. Lee Technologies, which provides data center consulting and staffing services, provides the latest example of modular products being introduced by data center design and construction firms, rather than server vendors.

Flexible Solutions sharpens Lee Technologies' focus on products offering phased data center build-outs, with a particular emphasis on the needs of government and military customers.

Options for System Integrators
“Flexible Solutions will provide a unique and powerful solution to government organizations faced with consolidation and modernization,” said Anthony Rizzo, senior vice president, public sector, at Lee Technologies. “Modules can play an important role in supporting government agencies or military organizations with basic computing and storage needs, or when they are faced with emerging challenges such as rapid deployment, setting up IT systems in remote locations or during disaster-relief operations. We look forward to working closely with our government customers and integrators to develop cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions that meet their needs and help them achieve their missions.”

Flexible Solutions features vendor-neutral IT and support modules that can be deployed to expand the capacity of an existing data center facility or offer flexible design options for new facilities. A key goal is to allow customers to conserve capital with staged deployments.


“One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen repeatedly over the years is the overbuilding of data centers just to meet tier-level requirements that sometimes aren’t even necessary to support the customer’s needs," said Mike Hagan, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Lee Technologies. “This is not only a waste of money, but it’s a waste of energy.”

The Flexible Solutions approach can be used  to shift mechanical equipment outside the data center to free up more floor space for IT equipment, or in a variety of hybrid designs. Lee Technologies approach is built around two modules:

IT Module: This vendor-neutral IT module uses outside air as its primary cooling mode and can be deployed in about 10 weeks. IT modules come in a standard 20-foot weatherproof ISO container and can hold up to six standard 42U racks rated at 10 to 14 kilowatts each. The systems are designed to be installed indoors or outdoors, and Lee Technologies says they are expected to provide an average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.2 to 1.3.

Support Modules: These configurable and expandable UPS containers can be delivered in multiple capacities and redundancy configurations, and come in 20- or 40-foot insulated, weatherproof ISO containers designed for outdoor installation. They can be deployed in 12 to 14 weeks, acccording to Lee.

“For data center owners and operators, Flexible Solutions provides a new way to maximize the total value of their data centers by allowing for more executable space,” said Hagan. Both types of modules can be upgraded as needed, without interruption to critical operations, he said.

Ties in With Assessment Service
Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of Lee Genesys, an assessment service helps clients define their data center infrastructure requirements and avoid overbuilding.

"During Lee Genesys, we identify the customer’s biggest pain points, challenges and needs, and determine the most appropriate solution for helping that customer achieve success," said George Newstrom, chief operating officer of Lee Technologies. "Combined with our new Flexible Solutions, we now have even more ways to generate creative, out-of-the-box solutions to help customers reduce costs and enable their critical facilities to run more efficiently.”

Founded in 1983, Lee Technologies has commissioned critical power equipment for more than 5 million square feet of mission-critical space and currently maintains critical equipment that supports over 3 million square feet throughout the U.S. The company is headquartered in the Washington, DC metroplex and has offices in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Dublin, Ireland.


Another view of the Lee Technologies support modules showing the conduit connecting the support modules to the generator and data center.

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