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Merlin: The Data Center Modules

The exterior of one of the data center modules beginning to populate the Capgemini data center.

With its new Merlin facility, Capgemini is among the data center companies adopting modular designs that can provide predictable, repeatable components for IT and power systems. These modules build upon the plug-n-play functionality of data center containers, but the design has evolved to include multiple container-sized pieces that come together to create a larger server area.

Each data center module is factory-built in four pieces, which are then assembled on-site to create a 250 square meter (2,700 square foot) data center enclosure. The initial deployment features four modules for a total of just more than 10,000 square feet of technical space.

Each module has a power capacity of 232 kilowatts. Capgemini says just 10 kilowatts is required for cooling, leaving plenty of power for high-density server installations.

This approach can dramatically shorten the construction process at the project site. Capgemini says the data center modules are built by a third-party provider, but declined to identify the vendor.

The modules are built with 80 percent recyclable material, reducing the embedded carbon cost. Capgemini will apply for the Merlin facility to be certified under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program, a voluntary rating system for energy efficient buildings overseen by the US Green Building Council.

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This view provides a sense of the size of the modular structures within the 32,000 foot facility.


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