ScienceLogic's Free Tool Maps AWS Cloud Resources and Interdependencies

Do you know what's in your AWS deployment? It's easy to lose track of everything and how it all works together. A new ScienceLogic services maps everything out in real-time and shows interdependencies.

Jason Verge

November 7, 2014

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ScienceLogic's Free Tool Maps AWS Cloud Resources and Interdependencies
ScienceLogic’s new service maps your AWS cloud and all the interdependencies. (Image: ScienceLogic)

IT and cloud monitoring provider ScienceLogic introduced The service allows enterprises to automatically map and visualize all of their Amazon Web Services cloud resources and associated technology interdependencies in real time. The free service leverages the company's CloudMapper technology.

MapMyCloud runs as an Amazon Machine Image within the cloud and helps organizations get a grip of IT assets within. The service visualizes what a company is running on both private and public AWS cloud.

As AWS assets accumulate, cloud management becomes difficult, with lots of resources deployed and interconnected. Cloud sprawl is a real thing, and it not only causes unused and stranded capacity, it also complicates the big picture.

Growing and increasingly complex deployments makes it difficult to figure out what you can add and remove safely. There is a big financial impact to not understanding the big picture in cloud management.

In addition to intelligent mapping, the service provides a reporting history to help understand historical changes to learn from the past in order to make better planning and investment decisions moving forward.

It’s a free service and is the result of customer feedback. “It’s all about providing education for anybody -- current customers and new customers alike,” said Jeremy Sherwood, vice president of strategy at ScienceLogic. “It encompasses everything around visibility. It gives visibility into the interdepencies of stacks and services. It covers the big, broad spectrum. It’s about showing what you might not know. ”

MapMyCloud extends the company’s AWS capabilities for existing customers and newcomers.

The company is tackling the biggest cloud first with the service and is currently in the process of expanding to Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

ScienceLogic provides all-in-one centralized IT monitoring, and the free service may be a good way to attract new customers to the paid solution.

It works across hybrid infrastructures, including the data center, cloud, system, and network. “We provide the business intelligence so you make intelligent orchestration solutions,” said Sherwood.

It also has several individual complementary “niche” tools — think of things like ticketing systems — as well. If a company is already using another provider’s specific tool or point system, they can continue using it alongside ScienceLogic if they choose. “We don’t displace, we integrate,” said Sherwood. An open architecture and REST API means a company doesn’t need to rip and replace.

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