Better Efficiency Through Intelligent Data Center Management Tools

Data center management technologies have come a long way, as companies find themselves having to manage ever bigger and more diverse environments

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Our theme this month is intelligent data center management software tools. Data center management technologies have come a long way, as companies find themselves having to manage ever bigger and more diverse environments. From using machine learning to improve data center efficiency to using automation to manage everything from servers to cooling systems, we explore some of the latest developments in this space. Here are the stories on intelligent data center management tools that ran on Data Center Knowledge in June:

How Server Power Supplies are Wasting Your Money - Overprovisioning, viewed in data center design and management as something between a best practice and a necessary evil, has been built into the industry’s collective psyche because of its core mission to maintain uptime, at all costs. If a data center team spends more than it really has to, it needs to improve efficiency, but if a data center goes down, somebody’s failed to do their job.

Vapor IO Adding Key Physical Dimension to Mesosphere's Data Center OS - One of the goals is to give IT teams visibility into the real cost of running any particular application on any type of infrastructure so they can decide which is the most cost-effective way to go while complying with policies. An application may be running in a company-owned data center taking up costly resources while its security and performance requirements can be perfectly met by a public cloud provider at a lower cost for example. Mist will be able to give that insight.

HPE Wants to Give Data Center Automation a Fresh Start - HPE appears to be very mindful that data centers are already deploying open source automation tools such as Chef and Puppet. Now that more data centers are moving containerized environments into production, the tools used by IT or DevOps professionals and those used by software developers suddenly find themselves alongside one another.

Cisco’s Tetration Brings Data Center Automation to Legacy Apps - Not every data center will modernize the way it automates and orchestrates applications by completely renovating its infrastructure. Many enterprises don’t appear to have that option, whether or not they have thousands of employees or billions in revenue.

Data Center Management Startup LogicMonitor Raises $130M - LogicMonitor helps companies manage servers, storage, and networking in their own data centers or in the cloud. The company, which competes with rivals such as IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has almost doubled sales the past two years, he said. It has more than 1,000 customers, he said, including JetBlue Airways, Zendesk, National Geographic, and Trulia.


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