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Inside the Oak Ridge Supercomputing Facility

The main data center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee houses three of the world's most powerful supercomputers: Jaguar, Kraken and Gaea. These machines provide the computational horsepower to run some of the world's most advanced data-crunching to support research in weather, climate science, quantum physics. Data Center Knowledge recently got a look inside the data center that supports these supercomputers, which are on the cutting edge of the push toward exascale computing.

The hallways of the Oak Ridge Computing Leadership Facility are lined with displays of its supercomputers and the advances they make possible. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Bill Renaud of Oak Ridge's User Assistance Outreach Group describes the lab's supercomputing technology using a display at a viewing platform overlooking the data center, which can be seen in the background. (Photo: Rich Miller)

The exhibit includes details on each of Oak Ridge's three supercomputers: Gaea, Kraken and Jaguar, all of which are currently ranked among the top 33 supercomputers in the world. (Photo: Rich Miller)

The Kraken supercomputer, with its cabinets adorned with a striking illustration of a colossal squid, is currently ranked 21st in the Top 500 machines. (Photo: Rich Miller)

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